Friday, June 25, 2010

And The 2010 NHL Entry Draft Random Thoughts Are. . .

And now, some post 2010 NHL Entry Draft Thoughts:

Bettman being booed. Such a lovely sound. So comforting in it's familiarity.

The only point he had is not an original one, but a good one nonetheless. Amazing how many hockey programs there are now in California, through the three NHL teams and otherwise. Such a great thing to see. And who would have thought before The Great One went to the Kings it would have been possible. Sometimes that's all it takes...

Onto the Draft - -

**So Taylor or Tyler ends with Taylor Hall going #1 to Edmonton. A Flames fan growing up, he said he is now 100% an Oilers fan. I mean of course, and he means it. But makes me wonder how it is to be a hockey prospect and just have to give all that up. Gladly, of course. Because you become a member of the team. I guess you have to be that way. And if you happen to get drafted by your team, it's rare. That's why the Jordan Eberle and Matt Duchene stories were extra special.

**The story on the father of Florida's pick Erik Gudbranson was a good one. Says he will wear whatever jersey of whatever team his son ends up playing for. But he'll wear his Habs jersey underneath, because that's the only jersey he'll let touch his skin. Heavy! Those are Montreal fans, peole. Now Erik "did his research" and wanted to go to Florida. Amazing how Tallon has made this a place to want to go to. (Again, I always root for them!). And great story about his brother overcoming leukimia. I like this kid a lot. Very well spoken. My favorite of the first round by far.

**Brett Connolly got his hand in a gate. Ouch. Must have taken perserverance to get back from that. One question. He says he's ecstatic? He's the least estatic looking person I've ever seen!

**Jeffery Skinner. Happy kid. good personality, self depreciating. And a former figure skater. Good stuff!

**Okay, so the Russian kid that the Thrashers took - Burmistrov. TSN graphic said he was comparable to Scott Gomez. Seriously, that's still something people WANT to hear? Or should that be taken as a warning?

**Time for the Wild. His son is here, but oh too bad Cliff Fletcher wasn't here yet. We so loved our talks in year's past. Oh wait, lucky us! - got him on the phone just now.

"Hello Cliff?"
"What month is it?"
"Month, Cliff, it's June. We're at the NHL Entry Draft."
"Wait a minute, who did I call? What is this ringing sound?"
"Phone's done ringing, Cliff. And we called you. How are you doing?"
"Umm, good. Why you ask?"
"Cliff, buddy, just checking in. I thought you guys had an early pick this, but I could have been wrong."
"What are you getting at?"
"Nothing. Nothing at all. Tyler Seguin looks good in black and gold, doesn't he?"

Guess the phone conversations don't roll as smoothly as the TV interviews do, huh? We'll get you next year, Cliff.

**Love Minny's jersey. Not a lot of green in NHL uniforms. (Why is that by the way?) But nice. Reminds me of the scripted Anaheim in purple, before they went to the ugly orange uniforms. No offense, but not a fan of their uniforms. (Oh, maybe I'll make another promise to do another random jersey blog someetime THIS summmer. Oh me and promises....)

**Okay hold the phone (No, not you Cliff!). What the heck did the Rangers do? OH what else is new? @TonyMarinaro called them brain dead. Yeah, probably true.

I get that they may have wanted to do something, um, creative. And that they'd want a stay at home, big d-man. But as I wrote on twitter (NHTProductions) they think he'll be Jeff Beukeboom? If so - great! But do they really?

I just get concerned when the TSN panel say things like "doesn't have a lot of skill" and "doesn't make quick decisions." You know, things that are not AT ALL vital to hockey. And when they are completely dumbfounded. All of them. That always makes me feel good.

Oh NYRs, you make it fun. You do make it oh so much fun.

(Meaning of fun here is up for debate, of course).

**So Bobby Ryan used to babysit Beau Bennett when he was nine. Awe! And apparently a good pianist as well. Pretty good speaker too.


Overall, not as enthused by this year's draft as last year. I want more interviews with players! I want to see them talk, because, as NYR fans know, we may never see these kids play for us. (Hugh...) Give them their moment.

In other thoughts, it's interesting to me how much the NBA and NHL Drafts differ. At the NHL, the GMs or Scouts or Team Operations guys make the announcement, where at the NBA Draft it is David Stern every time. (I guess that works for the leagues respectively. We know it'd be all boo-ing if Bettman were up there that much.) The set up in general is different too as NBA green rooms are hidden while NHL tables are all gathered in one area, front and center.

Lastly, because I'm too tired to think much more, I must say again what I've been saying the last few years. What a pleasure here in the States to get this footage now on TV. I remember all the years we didn't. And Draft was this foreign thing that we, as fans, couldn't see. Now between Twitter and TV, we're getting it all firsthand and it's wonderful. A day of such hope and dreams for these young kids. Glad I get to see it. I really am. I make an event out of it every year. Maybe next year I'll go to a Draft Party and see it with other fans. It's just really refreshing that such things are now possible. Growth of our great game.

I will be out of state tomorrow; anyone watching tomorrow's rounds - enjoy!

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