Monday, April 12, 2010

The Pre-Amble. . .

Look, I am not going to make any gracious and over-the-moon gestures here. The NYRs are not in the playoffs because for, well, umm, 2/3rds of the season they did not seem to care, work hard enough to make us believe they cared, get the job done.


The NYRs of the last 10 games. The team that went 7-2-1 in their last 10. Those guys I will salute, tip my beer to.

It probably wouldn't be so miserable - and it is - if they just faded into obscurity. But...they fought. They fought, they clawed, they tried. They had heart, on some level, perhaps, for the first time all year. They had...something.

And that does count.

As much as losing the playoffs on day 82 counts.

More than losing on day 1, or day 50, I guess.

So, to the NYRs who I know gave their heart and soul, their 100%, I salute you. I hope you are back next year.

I'll leave it at that, for now. And do the post-mortem on the NYRs, the embarassing re-hashing of the playoff predictions, and some go-fight-win words for our adoptive maroon and white brothers in the desert tomorrow.

Until then. Thank you NYRs for the ride. When we signed on for loyalty for life, we never said it would be easy. It isn't. But thanks for making us something. Maybe someday it will all come together the right way. Until then...

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