Thursday, April 29, 2010

2010 Playoffs - Second Round Predictions. . .

Predictions, Short and Sweet, and Here We Go...

BOS/PHI - Boston in 6. (I think Philly had a nice run, but I think the Bruins are peaking now, and have the goaltending. No disrespect to Boucher though; he's one of the ones that got them there. But where the Flyers matched up against NJ well, they may not have that luxury against Boston).

MTL/PITT- Pittsburgh in 6. (I'm saying this, and hoping against hope that I am wrong, wrong, wrong. Go Jaro!!)

SJS/DET - Detroit in 7. (Same deal. I hate to think the Coyotes woke a sleeping giant in Detroit, but they may have. Both have at times questionable goaltending, Nabokov because of brain cramps and Howard because of youth. But often when Detroit makes it out of a vulnerable first round situation, they sail all the way through, no matter who is in net. I have more confidence in Detroit sailing to the Final, even over Pittsburgh.)

VAN/CHI - Vancouver in 7 (Season was pretty even this year. My reasoning in Round 1 - I'm not going against the Sedins right now. And I'm not changing my answer now. Even though I knew the Hawks had a test w/the Preds, they found themselves lacking some offensive power at times. Maybe this is Vancouver's year).

And just because I write it, does not mean I want it, folks. I'm rooting Boston, Montreal, San Jose, and...actually I don't mind either the Hawks or the Canucks. Hawks would be a bigger story (USA wise) if they went all the way though, but I still have a soft-spot for the Canucks of old.


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