Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2010 Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions - Round One

**Wrote these yesterday. Decided I will not tweek them today. Tempted but, what the hell. Going to go with my first instincts. Why? Cause that did so well the first time... ;)**

Okay - without all the fuss because, quite frankly, I am too tired to do
more than that right now.


WASH/MTL - Washington in 6. (I think Halak can steal a game or two if he is on, but don't think the Caps will go home in Round 1)

NJ/PHI - Philly in 7. (Believe it or not, I will be rooting for Philly in this one. I don't know if they have enough to beat NJ but I had to pick an upset somewhere so, well, this is it)

BUF/BOS - Buffalo in 5. (I admire the Bruins recent play and if Rask can get hot, this is a whole different series. Meanwhile unless he stumbles, its Miller's moment to shine. He will be motivated).

PIT/OTT - Pittsburgh in 5. (And I will hate every minute of it.).


SJS/COL - San Jose in 4. (Allow for an off game for the Sharks, maybe, but I'm picking the sweep to come here. Colorado has trailed off much recently so I'm not sure it's fair to expect much more. San Jose likes to stumble, but unless they out and out crash, they will make it to RD 2).

CHI/NASH - Chicago in 7. (Pekke Rinne could make this interesting, and I
think this will be a better than expected series, but go with the Hawks. Is
this their year?)

VAN/LAK - Van in 5. (I like both these teams, with a slight edge to the Kings - because how cool is it they are back! But if I'm a betting person, I'm not going against anyone named Sedin right now. Sorry).

PHX/DET - Phoenix in 6. (The matchup I will be watching the closest for sure. You can never count Detroit out of anything, until they prove otherwise, so they get a game or two in there, but there is no way that I believe all the good solid goaltending, defensive stinginess, team attitude and support that got them there, won't push the Coyotes right on to the next round.)

Enjoy Round One everybody!! =)

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