Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Some Immediate Thoughts on the Rangers Schedule. . .

A generally happy day is the day the NHL schedule is released. Fans scramble to see when their team opens, and where. What teams come to their home arena? The first long road trip. Whether they can plan any cool road trips themselves?

Essentially planning all their free time from October through April.

And we wouldn't have it any other way.

My immediate reaction to the Rangers schedule - besides giddy excitement - was a little middle of the road.

I've taken a few of each to share here.

The Good:
*Rangers home opener is a Saturday night versus a Canadian team. How sweet is that?

The Bad:
*The Rangers open their season on the road, in Pittsburgh, celebrating the banner raising of that team I'd rather have forgotten won the Cup. Yiiipeee, she said sarcastically.

The Good:
Rangers end the season with another home and home matchup with the Philly Flyers.

The Bad:
Rangers don't even play that hated division rival until December 19th! Boo to that!

The Good:
Petr Prucha and the Coyotes make a stop-off in the Garden on October 26th. Rangers fans better cheer this guy - although I have a feeling that they will. Rangers return the favor and go to Phoenix January 30th.

The Bad:
Doesn't look like a great schedule for weekend road trips. Last year I got a lot of games in; this year I am not so sure.

Overall, I think much of my initial disatisfaction with the schedule can be based upon the fact that it's an Olympic year and things are not going to be ideal. They had to squeeze a lot of hockey in. Regardless, I am so excited. The only problem with the schedule coming out in mid-July is that...well...I wish the season started tomorrow!!

Meanwhile, the first hockey game I'm looking forward to seeing:

*Canadiens/Maple Leafs on October 1st. Komisarek versus his former team. Going to need popcorn for that one!

**Note: It was the plan to be tidying up the site this summer. Slow moving, I know. That laziness thing again. I've added a few blogs I follow to my list. Yes I do follow more than that, and no, I don't read every post of every blogger, even those I follow. Not enough time, I'm afraid. Anyway, trying to find a way to make it look tidier. We'll see how it goes.**


Luke said...

When I first started looking at the schedule I thought we were going to have to play a lot of tough games. The more I look at it the more comfortable I feel about it. Maybe I'm just feeling more comfortable about us as a team?

Rather than think about road trips and live games I'm sitting here thinking about sleepless nights.

Thankfully the opener is Friday night so I can write off my Saturday. There is no way I'll be able to avoid sitting up all night Monday / Tuesday morning when Pru comes back. Plus, New Years day will be a treat, I can watch the Rangers game from the night before followed by the Winter Classic live :-) Ahhhh I can almost taste the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and home made pizza...

I'm going to be in California in November and am trying desperately to work out a stop in NY on the way home so I get to see one live game.


kels said...

I hear you, Luke. I think I'm starting to feel better about the team too. A little.

How great is it that the Coyotes are coming out here? I really-really-REALLY hope he has a great game!!

I know, the New Year's schedule works out very nicely. Sounds like you are all set!

Luke, you are such a good fan -seriously with this team - to be so devoted. I watch them and complain but I'm in the same area. You are loyal and committed and it actually involves a sacrifice for you.

I hope it works out you can see a game. That would be great. Also hope you are enjoying the "off" season.

Take care.

Luke said...

Cheers Kels :-)

I've got myself sorted! Sat 21st Nov, Rangers vs Panthers. Not the greatest game on the schedule, but I'm chuffed to be seeing any game!

125 days to go (if my math is any good)

Will drop by the Sharks vs Stars game while I'm in California as well.

I hope you're having a great summer.