Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's A Shame. . .

It's a shame that one of the most entertaining and complete games the Rangers played all season ended up being the final one they'd play this year.

A shame.

When I was younger, and the Rangers seasons came to an end (usually, mind you, before any playoff games were played), I'd go through this huge roll call of thank yous to the team and the players for all the joy they brought me during the season.

Well, I don't think I have to tell you that is not going to happen.

What I will do is thank the Rangers, at the very least, and I mean very least, for showing up tonight and putting out a full effort. Too little too late, but it was enjoyable to watch tonight, regardless the result.

As sad as I am that the season is over - (because let's be honest, as fans, we are always sad to see it end, no?) -, I am somewhat relieved too. It was a roller coaster ride, where there were way too many lows and not enough highs.

Right now, honestly, in the coming down from all of this, I am just excited to get to see some of the other matchups that I've been missing in all my time watching and following this team. Boston/Carolina, Washington/Pittsburgh, Chicago/Vancouver. I will be trying to catch as many of those games as possible and posting on them from time to time, I am sure.

It might take a few days - no, it'll definitely take a few days - but I've been planning the 2008-2009 Rangers "Season in Review" even before they made the playoffs. I figure it'll come in a few enstallments, something to keep us all busy in the week ahead. So stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, if there is at all a bright side to this - the Rangers almost eliminated a team that everyone, myself included, had them highly undermatched against.

The dark side, of course, is that they almost eliminated a team that everyone, myself included, had them highly undermatched against - and came one goal short in the end.


Anonymous said...

I look forward to your year in review, Kels! Though I know you'll make me cry, lol.

Don't be too harsh on them for this game. I, personally, got exactly what I wished for. I didn't want the Rangers to win because I knew they didn't deserve to win. (Not that the Caps did, either, based on their ridiculous antics...Whatever. Not the point.) But I wanted them to at least prove to me, to you, to the Capitals, and to themselves, that they're not a complete embarassment. And I'm pleased to say that I wasn't remotely ashamed by this team tonight, even though they have absolutely zero goal scorers, because they displayed some LIFE. They played with heart and with spirit, and I could really feel that while watching this game.

The fact that they game up "one goal short" is the story of this team's scoring woes for the season, so I think it's fitting that they lost by that one goal they could never score. Sadly enough, we all knew it was over the second that puck went in the net. (Interesting that the 'Canes scored two goals in two minutes to clinch game seven, but we all knew the Rangers were already long gone even with four and a half minutes left in the game.)

At least those long four minutes gave me time to digest and accept the fact that this was going to be the last Rangers game for a very long time.

Kerri said...

Relief. What I wrote in my wrap up after you wrote yours, without even knowing you did so.

It is a shame.

And yes, the irony of the one goal game.... and us being one shy. Amazing how that works.

Luke said...

It is a shame Kels, but there is something to be said for ending the season on this note.

Near the end of the regular season I made a comment on Ranger Pundit's blog. Suggesting it would be better for the team going forward if they did not make the playoffs. They made it, and lets not forget they did it in a very positive fashion.

It's been excellent experience for our younger players. We just need to hope we keem them! We were the better team an many points in the series. But, when we were bad, we were horid.

Perhaps we don't need the whole sale adjustments I once thought we did. To me, game 7 demonstrated the thing we need most is leadership and a course in sports psychology. Ok, maybe a sniper to put the puck in the net as well ;-)

I like to think we can build on this ending. I hope I'm right.

In the mean time.... Lets go Hawks!

kels said...

haha, thanks Allyson.

I guess it does feel a little harsh. Minus the end result, I loved the game last night - really loved it. My harshness came from the fact that this seemed to be the first time they mustered that effort in the series and perhaps all year. That's the disappointment. That's what we felt anytime they had a good game - it was, where was that team last night or the night before? Right?

And Luke, admittedly, I had similar thoughts. I wanted them to make it for Hank and the guys that were trying and for Tortorella (ironically) to get his NY reign a good start, and Avery to prove himself. But part of me wished they'd missed altogether. However, any experience is great experience for the young guys, so it's good to look at it that way. It seems experience didn't help our veterans, but yes, I do feel great about our youth.

And we'll all cross fingers and toes there'll be money for them to stay in NY. But that's for another day.

Kerri: the irony was not lost on any of us, I'm afraid. ;)