Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Around the League: One Reason You Should Never Leave a Game Early. . .

Carolina scores on Martin Brodeur with .2 seconds left on the clock to win the game, 4-3, and tie the series at 2 games a piece.


I wasn't watching the game at that moment because I was watching CBC After Hours in game during the Blues/Canucks intermission when PJ Stock broke this news. Damn...

And apparently Marty went nuts because of the "bump" before hand. Well, video clearly shows that he was - outside the crease.

What did I tell you a few days ago about goalie interference and the ever growing controversies that are born in playoffs? - both those that are legitimate and those that are self-created by a team on the wrong side of them OR by the referees.

It's going to be an interesting playoffs.

Other league notes:

I am sadly starting to realize my pick of the upstart first-time Blue Jackets knocking out the defending champion Wings is not going to come to fruition.

Two things have happened here.

Apparently the only player that remembers how to score for Columbus is RJ Umberger.

And apparently someone told Detroit that the first round of the playoffs on their way to the Final actually does count.

Next year, Columbus, next year. Still a big statement year and my bet is on Mason going home with at least one piece of hardware.

Unfortunate loss for the Flyers. I am now wishing more than ever they had won Game 2. Fleury was a beast tonight, further hammering in the fact that he is really THAT good when he wants to be.


Kerri said...

Unfortunate for the Flyers, AWESOME for the Canes, and I almost flipped a big one when Chico wouldn't shut up about goaltender interference.

Marty might as well been taking slap shots himself... come on! It's not like he was hugging the goal line, the guy was completely outside of his crease, and it was an accidential (and light!) collision. Marty had PLENTY of time to get in position, and he DID get in position... he just didn't make the save.

Can't... take... the... whining...

kels said...

Gosh I've been hearing the Chico clip all day at work. That guy is just way too biased for my liking.

And not just because it's NJ; that's just very unprofessional and it's not the first time.

Just about everyone in the hockey radio circuit believes there was no call to be made and there you have their own broadcast acting like it's the biggest travesty ever.