Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Prucha and Korpikoski's Shared Character. . .

Voros and Fritsche in.

Korpikoski and Prucha out.

Courtesy of Sam Weinman:


"Renney said the move was more a match-up decision against the bigger, physical Ducks. Although Prucha hadn’t been told as much by Renney, we passed along what the coach told us after the morning skate.

'You know more than me,' an amused Prucha said. 'Aaron is a bigger, stronger guy than me, so he can play more physical. So if coach wants to match up against bigger players, he’s probably a better player than me for that.'

Spoken like a true good soldier.

Meanwhile, Korpikoski didn’t seem too annoyed, either, perhaps because he’s emerged from these benchings before.

'Of course it’s disappointing when you’re not playing,' Korpikoski said. 'You want to play every game. But you do what the coach tells you to do. There’s nothing you can say or do. You just keep working hard and when you get the opportunity again, be a little bit better again. I’ve been in this situation before and it doesn’t help to pout. You just have to stay positive and have a good attitude.'

Well I'm happy to know Prucha can be a good example for the other young kid Renney is abusing. At least they both have good attitudes. Better than I would under the circumstances, I'll be honest.

And you know, I don't like to do this. I don't get some sick pleasure out of it. But part of me hopes - hopes - the Rangers fall flat on their faces tonight. And the Ducks rip them apart.

At least part of me does. Which would make me sad, if I wasn't so angry.

Because, honestly, of course the two young EUROPEAN kids come out. We couldn't very well sit anyone else, now, could we Tom? Some AMERICAN centers or some CANADIAN 4th liners perhaps? No. Course not.

And just because I said I might, I'm copying my mini "rant" posted on NYR Devotion - Some Like it Blue (http://somelikeitblue.blogspot.com/)to further compliment how I am feeling today:


Renney should bench himself, and Drury/Gomez/Redden, and whomever else takes up the majority of the ice time they don't deserve. Because until they bench the "big" name guys that aren't producing and truly get new life in there, nothing will change.

I know we all love Pete. And Lauri is great. But they are not the reasons the team is losing when they lose. (although honestly Pete's play might have had a role in them winning when they won). But they are not the true reason either way. Therefore, it doesn't matter who Renney chooses to swap out in the 3rd line carousel/musical chairs/roulette wheel charade I've often talked about. What matters is that Gomez and Drury, both centerpieces to this team's offense, are not getting it done. They shouldn't have both been here in the first place, but since they are now, something has got to be done to fix the problem. Redden, the supposed great powerplay quarterback who was here to help aid the offense, can't play in either zone. And yet all three guys play big time minutes. As do many others who are skating by, literally.

Someone the other day (on Rangers Report blog) brought up something that was probably SO obvious I failed to see it. Gomez, even more than the everyone's favorite boring captain Drury, does not seem to have been able to play well with anyone. Do you remember him clicking with anyone, really? Cause I don't.

And that, THAT, is going to drag down this team more than who is playing on the shuffling 3rd line. Because without some major connection on this team, by the players that are getting paid and not earning their minutes, it doesn't matter who else plays or doesn't play. (And I don't mean the off-the-ice huggy-feely we love each other crap.)

What DOES matter though, is that, by thinking he can fix the whole messed up team, by swapping out a few smaller pieces, Renney is making the situation even worse. Worse because he's treating Prucha and Korpi like crap and sending the wrong message. And worse because, as we the fans know, these guys show more heart and more drive than the players that remain in the lineup, night in, night out.

And that IS his fault.


I'm so not looking forward to the game tonight. I'm glad Prucha/Korpi are taking this like character guys. Because I am not taking it so well.

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