Friday, January 16, 2009

I So Wish I Was Watching This. . .

I'm in Pittsburgh listening to the 3rd period online, and Kenny/Dave just said the Blackhawks got their fifth 5-3 powerplay of the game!


Then Dave Maloney, who I love by the way, goes into the refs hardcore saying they are jokes. Referees are jokes in the NHL. Think a great league like this could get some guys that know the game! He was really animated. Wow.

Hardcore stuff. I love that he has the guts to say things how they are. Too few people do.

Now, again, I wish I could see this. Apparently Coach Renney showed a pulse on the bench? He's capable of that? I have only seen that once or twice before, and barely to the magnitude this sounds like it was.

Good thing I tivoed the game, although apparently the broadcast is rather crappy on MSG alternate.

In looking at the game summary:

Girardi fought - again?

Staal got a 10 minute misconduct - for what?

Prucha got time on the PP - did Renney confuse the 3 and the 5 on the jerseys?


And now there are pigeons in United Center? Oh boy.

Now to OT...

And Drury scores...

In OT....

On the Powerplay?

Dave Maloney: "Grittiest game of the season for the Rangers."

I repeat. Yikes.

I won't be able to give any real opinion on this game until I see it, if I even get a chance to watch the game on Tivo sometime next week, so this is the best I'm going to do. Random stream of consciousness in-game.

I should listen to games on radio more often. Kenny/Dave are an enjoyable combo and an interesting change of pace for sure.

Oh but before I go, watched the Pens/Ducks game because, well, that's the game of choice out here. Both teams moved the puck well. Some scrappy stuff. And a hilarious wrestling match involving Corey Perry and Evgeni Malkin at the end of the game. I can't wait to see Bobby Ryan on Tuesday for Anaheim.

Okay wait. . . Kenny/Dave just said that Drury had two goals tonight and now leads the team in goals.

I am going to take an Advil and go to bed after hearding that.




Kerri said...

It was so unbelievable I just have no words. The calls were just... insane.

There was a high sticking call (four minutes) on ROZSI when it should have been on PRUCHA and it was called about an hour after the fact. It was unreal, not only did it make no sense to call the penalty so long after it happened, they put ROZSI (a d-man and thus a penalty killer, and we were missing Girardi at that point as well) in the box instead of Prucha. ARGH! Staal was called for a bogus holding penalty at the same time Rozsival took a legitimate tripping penalty, so there was one of the many five on threes. Then, after a clear slash against Staal, he slashed back and STAAL got called. Which granted was the right call but they so obviously missed the one against Chicago! Then they gave Staal a TEN MINUTE MAJOR. With Girardi out already! Redden got a BS interference penalty too... and then we were penalty killing for the whole second period it felt like. Callahan took two fair penalties, but as he pointed out after the game (or was it Dubi? I don't remember but anyway) he said that you try and play more aggressive on the PK but the refs weren't letting them do it.


Drury had a very good game. Zherdev, Prucha and Dawes were invisible, but they couldn't have seen much time at all since the Rangers were PKing the whole night. I meant to check the Rangers PK stats because I swear it must moved up a couple spots considering how often they PKed. Sjo and Betts and Cally and Dawes are heroes, as was every single defensemen including Kalinin (who had a pretty good game besides one pinch which led to an odd man rush towards Henke).

SUCH a shame. I was really excited to see the Blackhawks, particularly with Toewes and Kane, since we never get to see them. Original Six, whole nine yards, but the refs really messed it up for us.

Kerri said...

*Not dawes, I meant Gomez lol IDK why Dawes came out. GOMEZ was another hero. :-P

I'm distracted because Zach "why didn't the Rangers draft me instead of Hugh Jessiman" Parise is on my television and making me drool.

kels said...

oh my ossh. thanks for the re-cap. I might not get around to watching it, but it sounded so nuts.

And a true shame bc that should have been a great game if they allowed them to play.

LOL at Parise.