Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Cynic's Post-Game Thoughts. . .

Now I'm not sure what I can really say here that hasn't been said. They started horribly - again - and I feared the worst, given how Sunday's game had gone.

Thankfully, the team seemed to wake up. There were positives to draw from, namely a night where the powerplay shockingly scored two goals, and didn't give up any shorties to the other team. In fact, the Rangers scored two short handed goals of their own.

I'm just going to say one small thing.

Do not get used to this.

Maybe that's cynical or pessimistic, but I choose to think that's being a realist. This team has shown absolutely no level of being consistent this year. None. On the powerplay. In their energy come game time. In the way they approach one game to the next. None.

So as much as there was no real reason they played as poorly as they did Sunday, there, to me, was no real reason they played as seemingly well as they did yesterday.

Just another of the many questions surrounding this year's team.

Maybe this all sounds generic and like a cop-out, but it's true. True. True. True. The Rangers of this year are a team of questions. A team being led by team commaraderie, which either leads them to low-scoring, mediocre wins, or boring lifeless losses. There seems to be no in between.

And I guess that's okay. It's boring and it got old REAL quick for me, but that's okay. I guess I'm still naive enough to be waiting for the magical moment when it all clicks and they can play inspired hockey for the full 60 minutes. When they can show up to every game. When they can start as they finish. And when they can score and have it appear it was by design and not by accident, as to me most goals they score appear to be.

Still the Rangers go into the All-Star break in nice position for a bunch of guys that despite their salaries, we perhaps should not have expected too much from.

Maybe they are grossly over-achieving.


I'll ponder that for a few minutes.

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