Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sundin and Shanahan. . .

I'm not commenting on either really. Just posting for the sake of posting.


So December 1st is D Day, huh? Just five months later than the first day we all thought was decision day, July 1st, 2008. Alas.

And according to the article, somehow the Rangers and Flyers make the most sense. Hmm. Well honestly, considering the Rangers need scoring and that two of their "centers" seem to play better on wing. Perhaps.

As for Shanahan, Philly does make sense because Shanny's family is in NYC and he's not pulling the twins out of school, etc. But, for less than $1 million. Didn't he, somehow, with bonuses and such, end up costing close to $6 million last year. I personally think if it were less than a million he was asking, or willing to accept, he'd be still playing for the Rangers night now.

Just a thought.

**Updated as of 11/11/08 - 5:15pm

I listened to the Isles game earlier on the radio. After the Flyers 2nd goal, the Flyers announcers said it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop in the arena. Which, considering how few fans come to games, I'm not surprised.

But what I am suprised at is the fact they had the game at 2pm at all. It's Veteran's Day. And yes they are Nassau Veteran's War Memorial Colliseum. It is a fact. But how many people actually get off work for Veterans Day? Enough to justify a day game? Enough to justify a day game for a team that can't draw very well anyway? And they did this on Columbus Day too, didn't they?

I'm stumped.

Note: Attendance was announced at 13,447**

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