Saturday, November 22, 2008

Random Musings From DURING the Sens/Rangers game. . .[UPDATED]

3:56pm - End of 1st. That's right. For the first time, I'm blogging in-game. Wow. Seriously. Stop the presses. Or stop the Rangers lackluster efforts. One or the other!

*I don't love the new Senators 3rd jerseys. I like what they were doing with "Sens" but I don't like the way it's printed. Something looks a little off. Maybe I'll change my mind in the 2nd.

*Random question. And I'm sorry, but I have to ask. The Rangers are quasi-concerned about Gomez's conditioning because he's been out of the lineup with injury. But the "most conditioned" guy in training camp, has been benched for most of the season and, thusly, must be now one of the "least conditioned" players on the team. And yet he can't go on a conditioning stint and gets to skate around with Gomez for an hour on game days? Sure. That makes sense.

*Joe and Sam were all defending Nigel Wonderboy Dawes when he missed the empty net. But if that were someone else, would they be? Surely if his "hands" were so great, he'd have more than 2 goals, no?

*The Rangers reaction to Ruutu when he re-shot the puck at Hank in the shootout Monday night was understandable because they didn't know what he did was within the rules. But now that they know, do they care? Look, he's a pain in the @ss. Nothing denying that. But as Joe and Sam pointed out, he actually is a hockey "nut" and more knowledgeable than many coaches in the league (as per his coach). In that way, he's the anti-Avery. Always watching hockey. I think that's hilarious. He's still a coward. But at least I can respect that he likes hockey so much. Cause, honestly, then, he did know what he was doing was legal in the shootout. You can hate him but you can't hate him for that.

Period 2 awaits. Maybe the Rangers will get a few shots ON GOAL!


*Not much to say on that period. Rangers look lackluster. I'm shocked. [Not really.]

*The only thing I can say is, while not defending the Rangers, Ottawa's 3rd goal should not have counted. What Ruutu did in lifting Valiquette's stick and preventing him from making the play - that clip should be on a tape sent to the league labeled "goaltender interference." And they should show that to other teams when asked to describe what goaltender interference really is. He not only interfered, he lifted the goalie's stick. hello! bad non-call.

6:27pm - after game and before HNIC.

*In wrapping up the Rangers loss. Well, same story. Different day. I'm not sure I know how to fix it. But this team is not cohesive. They do not skate fast. They are getting pushed around. And because they are not scoring, they are not going to win. Simple as that. I don't know how you can take a bunch of guys that were not scoring in training camp and early on, and all of a sudden expect them to breakout. Thus we are left with a scenario where the team will win if it's a 2-1 game and they can hold them. Or if they are lucky and can come back and tie a game (low scoring) and win in OT or a shootout. Or they'll lose because they can't score. There you have it.

*Feel sorry for Valiquette tho. I always want him to win because I respect the guy and he doesn't get to play too often. He deserved better in front of him.

*Will we see the same people Monday? Sam/Joe seem to think Gomez will make all the difference? Really? Cause he was really piling on the points before his injury? And the powerplay was better before? And what? Come off it. If the Rangers are struggling and they think it's in any way because Scott Gomez "their best player" is out of the lineup, the team has bigger problems. One guy being injured (unless it is your goalie) should not make or break a season. No way. And Gomez is not the BEST player on the team. No way.

I am jogging back upstairs to watch the rest of Patrick Roy retirement ceremony. Wish I knew it started at 6pm. Thought it was at 6:30. Then I'll watch the Wendel Clark coverage. And finish my night with what should hopefully be a fast, uptempo, glorious game in Washington/San Jose.

Good stuff.

Congrats to #33 Patrick Roy and #17 Wendel Clark.

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