Wednesday, November 19, 2008

But Where Can He Go. . .?

In taking a look at, (which is a pretty freakin' cool site, might I add), I tried to take a look at what teams had the most cap space and what teams might want to take the once great, but now ignored and unconfident Petr Prucha from the Rangers. It is now my hope (if he wants to be) that he gets traded and starts playing somewhere immediately. To that end.

We have the teams with the most cap space. They are Nashville, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Columbus, Phoenix, Toronto, and Vancouver. Slightly less but still enough for his $1.6 salary for this year would be Buffalo, Carolina, Colorado, Islanders, Ottawa, and Tampa Bay.

Now, for his sanity, I hope he doesn't go to the Islanders, so I am not including them in any further discussion. Sorry, I have to look out for the kid. ;) But some of the other teams on there could be potential matches. I'm going to try to put my thinking cap on.

Teams that need goals: Carolina, Atlanta, Buffalo, Colorado. Teams that desparately need goals: Phoenix, Los Angeles, Ottawa, Tampa Bay.

Laugh all you want, but in the right situation and with the right players, Prucha can help score goals.

Atlanta and Los Angeles kinda fall into the category of young guys, trying to make a go. Tampa Bay, well Tampa Bay is a mess right now and once that gets figured out (well if it does), they should score more goals. Buffalo and Colorado are actually doing pretty well. Carolina, Ottawa, and/or Phoenix are teams that need a jump start of sorts. Carolina is missing some goal scorers. Ottawa needs a shake up. Phoenix can use an extra young guy perhaps.

Avoiding Atlanta and LA for a moment, let's say that hypothetically Carolina, Ottawa, and Phoenix might be potential destinations for him. Again a lot would have to be considered. If it were a one for one trade, then salary, cap hit, length of contract. If a deal involving multiple players, that would be a little unclear. Or perhaps the Rangers would trade him to one of these teams for a draft pick.

Where would I like to see him go? Again, I'm actually okay with the five teams - ATL, LAK, CAR, OTT, or PHO. I think if given a chance to skate, he can make a difference. I'm too lazy (or perhaps uneducated enough at this point in the season) to see which of these teams could actually use a 3rd or 4th liner. So I'll leave it at that. Rangers brass - take a look. Make a trade. Let the kid play.

Now that my rant is over, I will say I am greatly looking forward to tonight's goaltending duel at MSG. Vancouver's Luongo. The Rangers Lundqvist. One stage. One goal. Well, literally, perhaps one goal. Should be a close one.

Til tomorrow. . .

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