Monday, May 24, 2010

And Your 2010 Final is....

Chicago Blackhawks and...Philadelphia Flyers.

yeah. Take a breath.

Look, I picked the Flyers to win the Division. They barely - NYR fans close your eyes/ears - made the playoffs. And yet, on for the chance to win Lord Stanley's chalice they go.

I take small, very small, solace, that the Flyers ended up where they were. I mean, because I thought they'd be a good team in the first place. Not, because, I thought they'd get there as the season rolled, or in the end. Neither.

They did. Credit them. Credit all of them. As much as we hate it. And credit Leighton. He's a good story. Injured. Back. And remarkable in the semi-Final. Credit him.

Credit too, les Habs. They did not have a good round, but I will forever be thankful for what they did last round. For taking out the Penguins, I owe them.

We all owe them for making a little history. Not a ton, but a lot. Taking out Washington, taking out Pittsburgh.



Pyatt, Lappy, Moore.

We owe them. For making a series, for making a playoffs, of what perhaps would not have been so.

Thank you Montreal. As much as I do love you in some respect, I did not, in any way, believe, that you'd be there, 3rd team remaining out of 30! No way. No way at all.

Thanks for making it remarkable.

So now, Chicago, we root for you. Because, really, as NYR fans, as much as what PHI did was remarkable, we don't really, in all honestly, think we're rooting for you! What you did was remarkable, yes, but Chicago, we root for you. Kane, Toews, Niemi, et all. We Root for YOU! Go Chicago! Go Hawks Go!


On a side note, made it to Warren tonight. Will not take it seriously that the girl in the tables in back cheered WILDLY when the FLYERS scored, despite the FACT she was wearing a HABS hat!


Good atmosphere. Had sound on. AND arguably best burgers (sliders) I have ever had.

Cheers to that!

Too bad the game did not roll the way we wished.......

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