Sunday, May 16, 2010

2010 Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions - 3rd Round . . .

**The other blog I was writing upcoming. With best intent. I the meantime, I realized I need to get these predicts done before 3pm!**

MTL/PHI - Habs in 6. As much as I have to seriously helmet tip to Philly (come on, you really do), I'm going with the Halak, Cammalleri combo and saying Habs will win out, in continuation of one of the true miraculous playoff performances I've ever seen!

SJS/CHI - Chicago in 7. This is harder for me to predict. I honestly feel like I could have flipped a coin. Sharks have finally proven they can make a statement, and play together this playoffs. Chicago has done that already over the last two years, but will the Sharks prove too much for them this time around.

Overall, I think both series will be very evenly matched, and a hell of a ride. I'm very excited. Either team winning out West will be fine with me, be it Chicago because they are Chicago, or the Sharks because of Manny and Jed! And I'll continue to root for Les Habs here in the East.

<3ing these playoffs!!

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