Sunday, November 22, 2009

Five Things About the Rangers/Panthers Game. . .

This is going to be rough, because honestly, I'm not sure what to say that hasn't been said:

* If you missed it, the Rangers pre-game showed a great interview with Adam Graves and spokesperson for the NHLPA Goals and Dreams organization Rob Zamuner. Zamuner talked about visiting Bosnia, and how people would never realize how hockey has reached everywhere, even that war-torn corner of the world. Great stuff. Really great stuff. On NHTP favorite PJ Stock, his fellow spokesperson, he said:

"We were roommates in Boston. I'm glad he's gone and he's back home. We'll catch up with him tomorrow, but he was outstanding with the kids. Every tour needs a clown and he was ours."

* Speaking of...well. Anyone else surprised that Avery didn't get a goaltender interference penalty when he tangled with Vokoun last night. Not saying he either deserved it or didn't but, some restraint by the referee in not calling him for it. And some sarcasm by the author of this blog right there.

* Gaborik scored his 16th goal of the season which ties him with Alex Ovechkin for 2nd in the league, two behind Dany Heatley. Ho-hum, Gaborik scored again. Ho-hum, he's the only one that can. Seriously, what would the Rangers do without Gaborik? I argue they'd have won half as many games - at least.

* The Rangers took their patented second period nap in this game, but to me, they didn't look awake at all. Sure it wasn't the worst snoozefest of the year or recent past, but it was close. It's bad enough they are not winning, not scoring, but do they have to do it with such lifelessness? Callahan, once always a factor, has been a non-factor more than he's been one. Half the team seriously looks invisible. You ask me what any player did on the ice last night, save Gaby and Hank, and Prospal, and I really can't answer you.

* On that note, the Rangers team has too many passengers, not enough drivers. (Somehow I think I just referenced something from my college Leadership class - um, scary). They finally have a game changer again - thankfully- but they are wasting him by having almost every other person go idly by. No one was particularly bad in last night's game, but no one was particularly good either. And it's not good enough. The Rangers will continue to lose if they do not put forth a better effort. And that's what hurts the most. Yes, Captain-Fun is gone and Dubi is out, but how come Florida was able to win the game with three American Hockey League players in their lineup? The Rangers look like a disheveled and disinterested mess!

Someone, stop the bleeding - please!


Luke said...

Hi Kels,

As it was a long way to come and see.... that, I'll try and focus on what positive thoughts I can give from watching live.

The penalty kill seemed ok? At least the first one was excellent. Bit of a short handed chance, plus the PK really seemed to lift the team. It felt like this got them driving towards the first goal.

From where I was sitting, Avery looked ok as well. Lots of yapping, a few decent goal chances, even managed a hit on their net minder ;-) No he was not as good as he can be but at least you knew he was on the ice.

Hmmmm two things; on to the negatives.

I took my co-conspiratior Fiona to the game, it was her first live hockey game. During the second period she said "Why do your guys have so much trouble shooting at the goal?" Unfortunately I could not answer this.

Some fool was walking around in a NJ Devils, Parise jersey. Hopefuly someone managed to take him aside and 'persuaded' him not to do it again.

We seemed to not only take one pass too many but two or three too many all night. There seemed to be shooting lanes available, but these were closed by the time we decided to shoot.

Oh, another positive! At least I saw it as a positive. Kotalik (spelling? It's late and I leave in the morning, too tired to check it) broke his stick on the last shot of the game. After all the other players had left the ice he was still there chatting to a trainer. When the conversation ended he broke another stick on the boards in frustration. If only he and nearly everyone else had shown that level of passion during the game.

A random NY thought. I went to the NHL store to buy a Ragers t-shirt. It was handed to me in an Alex Ovechkin bag! WTF!?!? The nerve! Honestly! How hard is it people?


kels said...

Hey Luke-

I kept thinking during the game - how wonderful of the Rangers to show what a full complete effort looks like for you coming all that way.

Not really.

I'm sorry they couldn't put it together for you.

It wasn't all bad, though. You were right on your points. Their PK is still hovering around 5th in the league - I think - and Avery has woken up - thankfully.

Yes, any bit of frustration shown by Rangers - meaning they care - is good. As long as he didn't swing to close to a teammate, as Drury did last year. Poor Vali.

And a Ovechkin bag - the horror! ;) But tell yourself - at least it wasn't Crosby. Right?

Hope you enjoyed your trip despite it all. Rangers have won two in a row, we'll see what tonight brings.