Sunday, November 1, 2009

Five Things About the Rangers/Bruins Game. . .

* The Rangers, miraculously some may say, put together as close to a 60 minute effort as they have in the last week plus, and finally came up with a very important win.

* Is it just me, or with the random exception of the 7-0 St. Patrick's Day Massacre of a few years back, most Rangers/Bruins games end in a 1-0 score, one way or another?

* Redden made another good play in front of his own net to steal the puck away, and got cheered - at the Garden. Props to him for keeping his head in the game and doing the simple things. Wade doesn't need to be flashy, he just needs to make simple plays to get the job done.

* I blinked for a second and didn't see who scored the Rangers goal. I probably didn't need three guesses to figure out who it was, now did I?

* Part of me wanted to see Gaborik not play (not because I don't love seeing him play, people) to see if the Rangers could still put together a real effort and win without him. Now, still, I'm really not sure if it was Gaborik injecting life into this team, or them really putting the pieces back together. Either way, I'll take the win. This losing thing was getting old.

Western Canadian trip coming up. We all know these have been nothing easy for the Rangers in the recent past. Should be interesting. Truth be told, they better keep it interesting - if it's 11:45 and they are not playing well, it's going to be that much easier to turn off the TV and just go to bed...

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