Wednesday, August 25, 2010

When It's Been a Month Since You've Posted... should probably get a new hobby! Or...realize it's summer.

A thousand apologies (and no one cares, I know), so I won't list excuses. I have every bit of hope, confidence, etc, that come the season I'll be in better state to update more frequently. Until then, it just may have been the busiest summer at work ever. I suddently got more responsibility, but that left little time for anything else, like sleeping, and breathing. I haven't listened to sports radio in 3 weeks!! (Falling apart slowly...) Wait, I know, I said no excuses. Anyway, I sincerely hope to and promise to be better.


So today I was reading my copy of The Hockey News Yearbook. Vital because a) it rocks and b) there was so much random player movement, I'm going to need to keep that near me until December to keep straight all these 3rd and 4th liners and where they are.

Anyway - it's August 25th, just less than a month to pre-season hocke, and I'm saying now, before having seen anything, I think the Rangers would be hard-pressed to make the playoffs. Stranger things happen, and they sure do, but the Rangers - good, bad, or indifferent - have a much stronger East to compete with. They just do. That, and their own inconsistencies, may prove too much to handle.

But that, ladies and gentlemen, are why they play the games. Why we watch. And why we are fans.

Now, it's August 25th, and the NYRs still haven't signed Marc Staal. I know, I know, I'm sure it'll get worked out. But how good will I feel on that day when I open Twitter, or turn on XM radio, and find out my favorite current Blueshirt has re-signed with my favorite team? VERY VERY VERY HAPPY!

Why? Because I still think he's worth it. Seriously, even if you are a Dan Girardi fan, you can't tell me Marc Staal shouldn't be asking for more money than him? Right! By the NYRS giving Dan Girardi 3.325 million, Staal's price easily hopped up to $4 million at least. Easily.

But...what can you do? Me, nothing. Except wait and hope and, oh yeah, post fun Staal videos each day until he's signed!!

Here's a personal favorite:


Luke said...

Hey Kels,

I'm working on a theory that the only reason he has not signed is because of the cap issue. I think both sides are intentionally waiting till training camp when they can free up some cap space and then lock in Staal.

I know it's an overly optimistic outlook but it seems a reasonable one to me.


kels said...

Hey Luke-

You know, that may just be it. And I'm really 90% positive he will be signed without trouble. It's just the remaining part of me that is worried that it hasn't gotten done yet. Always feels better once someone is shored up.

Hope you are having a good off-season. We're almost there!!