Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tums & Tylenol (Part 1) and Player Appreciation Day. . .

First of all, if you want to share a favorite moment for the Rangers, the Coyotes, a favorite player, or whatever, head over to the 2nd Annual Appreciate Your Players Day forum over at Some Like It Blue.

Just a fun little way to say good things about your team and your favorite players, before your team (and your favorite player) may look different after your GM is done with them!

;) Oh Sather, Sather and his Fisher Price calculator will be having fun tomorrow.

Not too much stupid fun, I hope.


Anyway, the TRUE Tums & Tylenol Day is July 1st, but the secondary T&T Day, thanks to who the Rangers GM is and the fact that we know all too well that fact, remains Trade Deadline Day.

As much as we hope the damage will be minimal, we have to fear.

As much as I'm fine if they do nothing, you have to fear they will.

As much as you think there are untouchables (Hank, Staal, Cally), you just fear in the back of your mind that Sather will crumble under the excitement of the day.

Can I get another sigh.


I'm going to be very busy tomorrow at work, but I've cleared time leading up to 3pm to be by my computer, so I can keep an eye and an ear out for news on one of hockey's most exciting days.

But keep the Tums & Tylenol close - just in case.

I know I will...


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