Saturday, August 29, 2009

Apologies and Updates. . .

First of all - sincere apologies for saying I was going to update NHTP and keep it better up to date this summer. That was such a simple idea and it just simply never came to be. Perhaps next summer I will be more attentive; but this one just got away from me, as I'm sure many of yours did with you.

Thus, I just made a few quick updates to the blog. I'm one of those people that hates any type of change, so even viewing the site with a new background will drive me crazy for a while. At least it's blue though, right? Leave a comment if you hate it - I'm trying to fight the urge to change it all back. ;)

Lastly, I have every intention of being more attentive come the actual season, which is fastly approaching!! =)

For the second season of NHTP, I'm looking to have a few more regular features, but I'll leave those to be a surprise. Plus the fact that I don't want to promise any specifics til I know how they'll work out.

Once I get back in the groove, please stay tuned for regular and random updates on the Rangers and the Coyotes.

And for more frequent updates please keep track of NHTProductions on Twitter. Again, not the plan but a MUCH more practical solution for someone trying to keep hold on their full time job in addition to their blog.

Enjoy the last month of the off-season everyone. Hockey is coming and I'm starting to get really, really excited for it!



Kerri said...

I like it! Don't change it back! It's more personal this way.

I'm the complete opposite with the blog backgrounds. I decided I'm bored with it after like, a week, haha.

Ohhh regular features, hmm?

kels said...

Thanks Kerri. Now, to find an avatar - haha.

Yeah, a few things I'm tinkering with in my brain. Again, don't want to commit til the season starts and I see how much time I really do have!

Cant' wait - so soon now!