Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The extra (although somewhat dated) stuff. . .

Alright, so there are a few things I’ve been delaying in blogging about. Either because I’ve been busy (which is true) or because I guess I was trying really hard to forget about them (which I guess I won’t try to deny). Here’s the random conglomeration one, because the other one turned from a paragraph into a giant book about #93. So. . .

-Mike Millbury being tapped to do Hockey Night in Canada. Really? Having to watch him on NBC (which I only watched during the playoffs or when the Rangers were on, for the most part) attacking people left and right wasn’t enough? Watching him with the Islanders wasn’t enough? Having him breathe the same air as me. . .okay. Okay. I’m done. But I really do not like the guy. Maybe he’s a nice guy. Maybe. But he strikes me as a moron. A smug, pompous moron. A moron who’d rather bash someone. A moron who’d rather talk loudly to try to make a point rather than think clearly and really make one that matters. Let’s just say he’s just not for me. Now maybe some people like him. That may be. Maybe Canada will love him. But as a fan who really for the first time this past year avidly took advantage of watching HNIC, it makes me want to puke. Just what role is he going to have? A Don Cherry like one? Please do not tell me they will have him on with Ron MacLean. Or mess up the tandem of Scott Oake and Kelly Hrudey on After Hours (not that I really think they would). But honestly, if they mess with what I like about HNIC, I’m going to be very, very disappointed. You already lost a long honored and highly respected theme song. What’s next? Seriously. I might have to get a l…li….life on Saturday nights – you know, go out and not watch hockey. And that is just unacceptable for me, because I happen to believe that watching hockey on Saturday night is very much a life and one that I very much enjoy. Oh and if he’s replacing PJ Stock. . .I am going to be livid. I’m still laughing about the “t-he” comment from last March. Hilarious stuff.

-Now, I know, I know, the Summer of Sundin still rages on. Or is losing steam? If the Rangers still weren’t rumored to be one of the teams still in it, I’ll admit I would have given up paying attention a long time ago. And I must apologize because this is horribly dated now because I must have listened to that segment on Vancouver’s Team 1040 more than three weeks ago? But it was still funny how the people and businesses of Vancouver took to trying to bribe Mats to come to town. Cars! Free pizza for life! These are just some of the things that people were using to lure the great #13 to Canuckville. See below in an article from Vancouver’s The Province for more details and offers. Very funny:

Now who said $20 million can’t buy everything? :)

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